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Collaboration at a Distance
(10 women interpret 10 years of an archive of photographic wearables accompanying fine art projects)

This project is a reinterpretation of Kasmer’s original artwork encompassing the last ten years. A reworking of wardrobes whose past lives existed in conjunction to her installation work. Now in quarantine, we see a rebirth of these worlds with Kasmer designed masks. Who or what are the new realities these garments now live in? Kasmer enlisted artist photographers and models to make creative and artistic decisions as they conducted the shoot, while she was sheltering in place in another city. This piece is submitted as a rediscovery/reinvention of archived wearables previously seen in alternative venues and established exhibition spaces.

Photos 1-7 models are: Gabriella Ortega, Leilah Franklin, Natasha Nunez, Cody Kennedy, Cilka Mark