Lauren Kasmer

April 15- June 17, 2023

Angels Gate Cultural Center
3601 S Gaffey St. San Pedro, CA 90731

Saturday, April 15
3–5 pm
Opening Reception (upper Galleries)

Saturday, May 13
11 am–1pm
Related Live Event, Homesĭtē Culinary Performances*

Saturday, June 17
2:30–4 pm
Closing Day Artists Talk

Hilary Baker, Flora Kao, Natalie M. Godinez, Kio Griffith,
Lauren Kasmer, LaRissa Rogers, Jenny Yurshansky, HK Zamani
Curated by Lauren Kasmer

Notions of Place will examine what it means to inhabit a complexity of different spaces that may be physical realities or
imagined environments. They proffer metaphors of exchange between nature and human action, drawing on dreams,
memories, and the spaces in between, disintegrating commonly held social views that have acted as fences around our
homes. The artists will be responsive to the diverse community that makes up San Pedro, while also keeping in mind the
importance that it is home to the largest port of international traffic in the US. Filtered through social, cultural, and geopolitical
frames, the artists explore relationships and systems of the urban, suburban, exurban, and rural landscape. Their
responses will ultimately transcend the singular city to reflect what one might call the Covid pandemic migration as well. As a
whole society shifts its notion of home, so its idea of place transforms too.
Each of the artists in the exhibition articulate different facets of what we call place. In it one can feel safe: a home, or a
country can be a refuge holding our values and dreams in safe harbor. Or it can be defined by a border or a wall holding
us back from a new life. In ways that are both spiritual and physical, Notions of Place explores the contours of the artist’s
experience of the world.

*Homesĭtē is an ongoing artwork by Joyce Dallal & Lauren Kasmer about the city of Los Angeles as one’s home. The piece
was originally created in the early 1990’s and has been displayed throughout Los Angeles County over the last 30 years.
The installation consists of a series of structures emblematic of the landscape and architecture of Los Angeles that display
objects, tableaus, and stories contributed by residents reflecting where we live and where we came from. In 2009 the project
expanded to include the Homesĭtē Exchanges, where the definition of home was widened to include how we define ourselves
through what we wear and what we eat. The Homesĭtē Recipe Exchange focuses on the connection between food and home,
and is an opportunity to share a recipe, memory, or story about a dish that means home to you. Culinary Performances are
short presentations where participants can demonstrate a dish that means ‘home’ them by sharing a recipe or a story about
ones connection to the food, or simply be part of the audience and enjoy some great food.

Homesĭtē is a collaboration with Lauren Kasmer and Joyce Dallal.
For more info, click here.

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