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Mount is a non-narrative video which poetically explores expanded notions of shelter. Originally placed in the context of a multi-media gallery installation, it is a layered piece referencing a home fire and the fires in the southern California environs. As our personal lives are impacted by external elements, connection to nature becomes the grounding vehicle for healing and new growth. What grows from ash is an inspiration for personal recovery, creativity and seeds new ideas, stories, and explorations. A force majeure causes one to reach for beauty, contemplation and a return to an internal eden.

Mount Film Credits

Concept/Director/Producer: Lauren Kasmer

Director of Photography: Syouhei Fukushima
Director of Photography: Alicia Robbins

Editor: William Allen

Soundtrack: Jennifer Ricciardi

Misato Daryl Rose Iida
Monthira Soonthorsarathool
Satoe Fukushima
Yuko Nakata
Yuki Ishihara
Cilka Mark