Portfolio > Introduction to Lauren Kasmer

Lauren Kasmer is more than a mixed media or interdisciplinary artist, employing an eclectic transmedial array of styles, materials, genres, techniques, collaborators and inspirations in pursuit of her singular vision. Her relationship to social, political, and philosophical cultural expressions are powerful and lyrical orchestrations of personal and societal dynamics -- feminist, environmental, and material.

Kasmer’s artwork is engagingly presented as an installation combining a variety of media and processes from photography and video, to performance art, sound design, wearable garments, functional furnishings, custom scents, thematic edibles, and audience participation. Imagine for example a multi-chapter scenario in which she photographs the natural world and poignant built environments, creates from those images not only photographs but, for example, an original textile. She might have partners don garments made with those textiles, and perhaps return to the site where the image was created or another salient location, where the new, worn iteration is rephotographed, videotaped, and recorded. The whole then returns to a gallery installation incorporating elements of each stage, augmented with sonic cues, clothes to try on, and thoughtful cuisine to imbibe.

This is only one example of the way in which Kasmer pursues the embodiment of an idea about the body in nature, or nature in society, or the survival of the soul. The overall practice of fusing the most relevant operations of a rich array of possible mediums to create images, objects, documents, and installation environments is always finding new iterations and permutations to reinvent itself; but the spirit of interdisciplinary and actual collaborative fusion is always fresh and exciting to experience, along with the poignant stories she tells along the way.

--Shana Nys Dambrot
L.A. Weekly Arts Editor