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Installation View
Installation View

“The city is a blind courier. It brings nothing. It takes nothing.” – Norman Klein
Blind Courier takes the idea of the city as a passive entity and turns it on its head. Nine Los Angeles area artists offer a compelling mix of work that reveals their relationship to a place. By documenting, redefining and re-envisioning dwellings, neighborhoods and landmarks the artists have shaped their own surroundings. Blind Courier is the map that invites the viewer to meander through their individual environments.

Curators Hilary Baker and Lauren Kasmer originally conceived of this exhibition as homage to Los Angeles. Expanding on this idea, they selected artists whose work casts a wider net beyond the boundaries of the city. They invite viewers to treat Blind Courier as a map and meander through the individual neighborhoods each artist has created.
Artists included in the exhibition are:
Robert Aull
Hilary Baker
Lauren Kasmer
Sharon Levy
Diane Meyer
Minoru Ohira
Osceola Refetoff
Samual Scharf
Andrew West