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Video clip, excerpt from Instar
LMK Garden 10 video
Inspired exhibit at Garden #10
of the Theodore Payne Foundation Garden Tour
April 5, 2014

Garden 10 series is a site-specific art installation with interactions. The components are photographs on textiles and aluminum, a video and live movements placed in a Santa Monica garden.

Instar is the original concept art video directed by Kasmer which highlights native plant life and natural cycles. It is realized with poetic movements performed by Michelle Lai, cinematography by Alicia Robbins and sound composition by Jennifer Ricciardi. Instar, was filmed entirely within the environs of the Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley, CA.

The Garden 10 video was part of the LA Artists Respond to California Native Plant Gardens exhibition and The Theodore Payne Foundation Native Plant Garden Tour, April 2014.