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(LMK) Childhood Apron, a digital print on wearable textile
TItle of wearable:
Childhood Apron
Title of prints:
RC Sky & LMK Armour

Digital Photographic Print on sewn cotton and silk textile

LMK Childhood Apron is an expanded vision, an enlargement and modification, of an apron that I had as a child. It is also reminiscent of a playsuit/dress by my mother, a pioneer California fashion designer, whose apparel I coveted as a youth. My new Childhood Aprons are intended to be worn during culinary performances or when celebrating the art of eating. The Childhood Aprons are the only wearables in the exhibition of LMK Thoughtful Food that have a reversible side. RC Sky is a image derived from a photograph I took at the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art at Chaffey College on Food Day, October 24, 2011, when I was conducting a LMK Recipe Exchange. The apron I wore on that day is Wearable 7 of this portfolio, a Childhood Apron with Digital Photographic Prints of Theodore Solar & Theodore Ice on sewn cotton and silk textile. The verso of this Childhood Apron is a highly manipulated print of chain mail, a fabric I created for an installation and performances at the Shoshana Wayne Gallery in Santa Monica.