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LMK statement card
LMK statement card
March 28, 2011

Lauren Michele Kasmer (LMK) works are transformative creations, deconstructed and re-imagined forms that re-envision inner personal space and extended shared environments.
LMK is a series of limited edition digital prints on fabric and one of a kind reworked vintage garment, digitally printed fabrics with unique compositions based on manipulated visions of a past: earlier gold toned self portraits, collected objects and reinterpretations of vintage designs by her mother, Irene Kasmer, the notable California fashion designer and inventor of the Hip Hugger ™. The textiles can stand alone or are further augmented by being refashioned into one of a kind wearables. LMK Apparel Alters are happenings that allow for one on one engagement with the artist when a Puffed Label Netsuke, unique miniatures composed of vintage and LMK textiles, is hand sewn on anything being worn by the willing participant. 

HOMESITE CLOTHING EXCHANGE (HCE) is Laurens’ ongoing free action where anyone may barter for a previously traded wearable, tell the story of their trade and be documented to become part of the HOMESITE project. HOMESITE, a public participatory art installation, is an ever expanding artwork begun in 1992 with collaborator Joyce Dallal. New components, the HOMESITE EXCHANGES, were initiated in 2009. The most recent additions, on exhibit at unCommon threads  at El Camino College Art Gallery*, 
include the HOMESITE Clothing Exchange Mannequin (2010) and the Lauren M. Kasmer digitally printed fabrics of the HCE Dressing Room (2011), both of which explore and re-present previous exchanges.

additional works on LaurenKasmer.com

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% =1, Fabric 
 =1, Shift Dress 
Poly Blue, Scarf 
Poly Blue, Fabric%
Digital textile prints on 100% Silk Crepe de Chine